Sunday, 31 July 2016

PaperArtsy Challenge : Colour Mixing (2)

After making my last card, inspired by Hazel Agnew, I decided to try again, trying to achieve a more watercolour look.
First thing I did was to use a page from a book in the background (with a whitewash over), like Hazel did, as this makes a big difference.

Still using just Pumpkin Soup and China Fresco Paints (with a bit of Snowflake and Satin Glaze), I tried again

Fun and interesting to experiment!

PaperArtsy Challenge : Colour Mixing

The challenge at PaperArtsy is Colour Mixing

I loved the post by Hazel Agnew, especially her second journal page, the landscape.
I made my card from her pictures, although I cannot replicate the beuatiful watercolour effect she achieved, I am still happy with my attempt
It was great fun using just 2 paint colours, and creating all the different colours from them

I used Fresco Paints in Pumpkin Soup and China, plus Satin Glaze to dilute
The stamps are JOFY14 and JOFY33

To define the hills and fields I used a distress marker and a wet paintbrush