Monday, 1 November 2010

ArtsyCrafts weekend October 2010

What an amazing weekend! As always the extremely talented, Lin of LB Crafts and Leandra of PaperArtsy created these stunning projects to teach and stimulate our creative juices. Of course their wonderful helpers Blingy Lynne "Cheryl" and the 2 Marks were also on hand to sort us out.
The weekend was packed with new techniques, great ideas, wonderful colour combinations, and lots of fun and laughter. My amatuer photography does not really do the beautiful pieces justice, but it gives you an idea of what I made.
We had 3 colour choices for our 3 projects. My first choice was plae pink/pale green/silver.
The green frame is actually silver metal, painted with green.
This is a book (outside) :

Inside : the owl is in a boxed framed recess we created

My second choice was Red/Brown/Gold with this lovely deep boxed frame

Finally, our big project on Sunday was this gorgeous piece. I chose pale blue, cream and gold as my colours. My photography really doesn't do the textures and details justice, you'll have to come and visit and see it in person!

Apart from the wonderful (messy) artwork we played with, I also met some really lovely ladies to share the weekend with, and loved making new friends.
I was also very lucky, and won a goodie bag in the raffel.

All together, one of the best crafting weekends ever!


  1. Wow! 3 stunning projects! Looks like you had a fabulous arty weekend Trish! x

  2. Oh my Trish looks like you had an amazing time! Your creations are awesome and to win the raffle too brilliant!
    kim x

  3. Looks like you had a blast Trish. I am so jealous!
    Love the deep box frame
    isa x

  4. Hi Trish, I have deliberately not looked because I thought I was going last Monday, but it's been postponed :(
    So now I can feast my eyes and make myself jealous! Gorgeous work, love all your colour choices. Love the flowers on the deep box and of course the box too. All your projects are stunning. Looks like you had a ball and winning the raffle too - well done!
    I can't wait for my workshop :)
    Love Jen xxx

  5. great cards again x
    x x

  6. Wow! What a beautiful cards!
    Well done!


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