Friday, 7 June 2013

PaperArsty Challenge - Sue Carrington

Sue is back for her next week at PaperArtsy.
I loved her altered pencil/sewing case, and decided to finish a project that has been hanging around my craft desk for ages : a wooden tissue Box.

I did have a go before, and hated the result so I stripped it down, and have been waiting for inspiration...

The top of the box is from the original attempt - it was texture paste that I stamped into. I just repainted it with Fresco Paints (Nougat, Irish Cream, Claret and Chocolate pudding)

For the sides I used metal. I embossed them, mounted them on black card then painted them with the same colours as the box.

Okay, it very subtle colour wise, but I like it :)


  1. This has a nice vintage look, definitely subtle, but effective. xx Julie Ann

  2. I know what's missing... Treasure Gold ! Don't have any ? no me neither but I keep wanting it!
    Still, like this, it's a perfect vintage look.

  3. Beautiful! Subtle, Yes, but that is what you need for a home decor item (otherwise the old man won't give them houseroom, eh?),

    Lucy x

  4. This is really pretty Trish and I love the colours that you've used (so much in fact that I bought these from Doncaster on Sunday lol) xx

  5. Wow!
    Trish this is stunning!
    kim x

  6. Great texture and vintage colours, subtle but very pretty. I like it too.
    Jenni xxx


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