Monday, 8 June 2009

Lake District Holiday - Day 3

1 June 2009 - Monday

Another hot and sunny day, it got up to 26C. This is very warm weather for the UK this time of year - the average is around 18C!
We went for another walk, off to Grizedale forest this time. We did a lovely 3.5 mile (5.6 km) walk through the forest (and over a hill), seeing the great and bizarre sculptures and art in the forest created by artists. You can see more information on Grizedale here, and pictures of the sculptures here.
It was lovely – mostly in the forest shade (so not too hot). It was also quiet and peaceful after yesterday’s chaos on Catbells. Schools are back after last week’s mid-term break.

We had our lunch in the forest and then headed back to the car to drive south through the rest of the forest.
Once out, we headed up along Lake Windermere, to Windermere town, where we stopped and had an ice-cream whilst walking through the town.
We then went back to our lovely apartment, but parked at the bottom of the hill, just inside the gates, and walked into Ambleside to look at the shops.
Finally we went up to our apartment to prepare dinner.
Another lovely, relaxing day.


  1. another lovely day. Sounds fab to me :o)

  2. Oh Trish your holiday was just fabulous!
    How wonderful to enjoy that gorgeous weather and stunning scenery!
    kim x

  3. Ooh, warm enough for shorts! Sounds like heaven there and with great weather, what more could you ask for?
    Love Jen


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