Thursday, 11 June 2009

Lake District Holiday - Day 4

2 June 2009 – Tuesday

It was hot again – 26C, but cloudier today. The forecast said there is cold front heading this way tomorrow, so we will do more walking when it is cooler.
Instead we decided to head to the west coast. We drove down to the main coastal road on what is meant to be an A road, but being Cumbria, it was narrow, windy and steep in places. It makes driving more interesting though!
We drove up the coast to Ravenglass, which was a quiet little seaside village. There was a signpost for a Roman Bath, so we went off in search of it. We found a narrow gauge railway, and had a look around there, then continued looking for the Roman Bath. A lovely path took us away from the village, past a caravan park and along a logger track. Unfortunately we never found the Roman Bath, the signs dried up and there was just forest!
We gave up and headed back to the car and drove up to Whitehaven with the intention of having lunch there. We were disappointed to discover Whitehaven is a dirty, horrible place, and we quickly changed our minds about eating there. We headed back down the coast to St Bees (yes Mom, where you started your Coast to Coast hike). We found a little tea room overlooking the beach and had our lunch. I chose waffles with ice-cream…

After lunch we drove across to Cockermouth, then on to Keswick, and back down to Ambleside.

It was a relaxed day...

For dinner we went to a Chinese restaurant in Ambleside.


  1. Wearing that top you should be in look like a million dollars

  2. Mmmmm, waffles and icecream! Good weather too - great top! Pity about the Roman Bath but you had a nice drive anyway!
    love Jen


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