Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 101 Class : Day 7

Gosh, my craft room has never seen such activety over such a short space of time!

Yes, I know I have missed Day 6 out, but it was all about the new product Distress Markers, and as I don't have any (yet...) I can't do the homework. I did watch the whole lesson though, I promise!
So onto Day 7 (I've nearly caught up, as today is Day 8!)

I loved all 3 techniques in the world of embossing, and had great fun with them.
As always, the first picture is the 3 techniques, the second picture is where I have created a card with each of them.
I have not yet made a card with the clock (and sadly the technique does not show up on my photo - but it looks great IRL). I have just run out of ideas for today!

The English stamps are Indigo Blue (and a big favourite at the moment)
The butterflies are Australian : Stamp-It (which I bought in the Netherlands at Art Journey)
  • Nostalgic Batik Technique
  • Rusted Enamel Technique
  • Distress Powder Resist Technique


  1. Lovely Trish,
    You have been a busy bee. I lIke the indigo blu stamps :) Is the clock the rusted enamel technique? Looks good!
    I have managed to make a few of the techniques, have to get them onto the blog!
    Enjoy the last 3 days!
    Jen xx

  2. So lovely! I love the way the Union Jack really shows great over the image! Awesome.

  3. Beautiful! Love the Quintessentially English card.


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