Saturday, 31 March 2012

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 101 Class : Day 9

Whew, nearly there - just one more day to go. For Day 9 we played with Perfect Pearls, and sadly I couldn't get the photo to show the amazing pearl sheen over the cards/stamping. Trust me, it's there! Once again I haven't completed the cards, just done the techniques.
  • Perfect Distress Mist Technique
  • Perfect Distress Technique
  • Perfect Splatter Distress Technique


  1. I love the detail in the centre image, and the colours in the others are gorgeous :)


  2. Hi Trish, your colours are great! I can see the pearl blobs on the right hand card, looks good! I like your middle card too, very pretty. It must look great IRL!
    Love Jen

  3. Totally wonderful creations Trish!
    kim x


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