Sunday, 1 April 2012

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 101 Class : Day 10

Wow - final day already! It's been so great, I've loved all the things I have learned and tried. This course was well worth it. The great thing is, the course will be available to me for life, so any time I want to go back and recap a technique, I just logon. Brilliant!
That said, here is my final technique - a lovely vintage background with sparkles over it that don't seem to have come out in the picture. I have not finished the card yet, but here is the technique

Rock Candy Distress Stickles Technique


  1. Your background looks lovely, I wish I could see the stickle shine! Great stamp...
    You have lots of backgrounds now to turn into cards, super!
    Have a great day
    Love Jen

  2. Oh I love this Trish!
    kim x


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