Wednesday, 13 June 2012

ArtsyCrafts 2012 - Fabric Book

This was a very unusual one - me sewing? Luckily it was "messy" sewing!
We made each page on separate squares of backing fabric, and then I eventually put them together this week.
The book opens in an unusual way, as I show and try to explain below. Then I took close up photos of each page.

So first up is the front page

Flip the front page to the left to reveal the next 2 pages

Next, flip the right hand page down

 Flip the bottom page to the right to finish opening the book

Finally the back page

Here are close ups of each page (except the front and back)


  1. I know how much hard work went in to this. And have seen them in real life. They are fantastic. You are sooooooo talented.

  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Trish this is amazing!
    Absolutely gorgeous designs and fabulous details!
    Stunning work!
    kim x

  3. What a brilliant book Trish,
    Thanks for letting us see all the details.
    By the way I noticed you're in Cheshire...can you say 'hi' to all my family there.
    I'm 12,000 miles away and miss them ;D
    Neesie #26

  4. Every page is gorgeous. Its amazing how much extra texture fabric adds. Love all the stamping as well. A lovely piece of art!

  5. What a beautiful and unique piece of work. All the pages are so different and very beautiful. I know it's sewing but very different to making curtains or something like that! Such amazing stamping and colouring, would like to see it IRL! Superb art work :)


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