Thursday, 24 January 2013

PaperArtsy challenge - Linda Cain

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I'm a bit behind this week, uber-talented Linda Cain has posted 3 wonderful creations already, and I am still on number 1...
I must say, I am loving creating the paint backgrounds with Fresco Finish paints - they are so much fun to work with.
Linda's idea of spritzing with water to apply in a more washed out way was great - I will be using that a lot more. I also used the same colours as she did, as they are not colours I would normally put together. It worked so well!
My background stamps arrived from Leandra today (great timing) - Ink & the Dig Mini's 22 and 44
I went for a steampunk theme again, using the same sheet as last week, Hot Pick 1110.


  1. The colours when applied through a spray bottle give such a subtle/soft look, the colours here are great, thanks for joining in the fun over at PaperArtsy.

  2. Great composition, and of course I love the colors!


  3. I didn't know you could spray the paints to make them more subtle in colour, I'll have to try that out! I like your combination, very pretty. I also like the steampunk theme. Have fun :)


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