Friday, 21 March 2014

PaperArtsy Challenge : Ellen Vargo

Ellen Vargo is back at PaperArtsy this week, which is very exciting. I love her unique style, and this 3 part project was loads of fun to create!

For once I have photos through out the project...

Part 1 was to create the background and you can see how Ellen did it (a great video and photos) here
I used the JOFY limited edition Fresco Paints, the background stamp is from Squiggly Ink Swirls & Curls 4 and the stencil (which is very faint) is from PaperArtsy Stencil 001 {ELB}
The ink I used to stamp with was Adirondack Stream and VersaColor Heliotrope and Violet

Part 2 was to add collage stamped images. At this point I cut my page into 4 to create cards rather than one journal page. One card piece is smaller than the others, that is because I cannot divide 21cm by 2 in my head...
See here for Ellen's tutorial
 I decided to create my borders with sewing, so out came the sewing  machine and I continued to blunt my needle.

Finally, Part 3 finished off with handwritten lettering... uh NOT my forte... I have only done 2 cards so far (all my nerves can take today), and you can see that the second one is slightly better (slightly more confident) than the first, but no-where as amazing as Ellen's! Have a look here to see hers
Still, I loved the idea and plan on practicing until I can do it too, as it's a great way to write on art work.


  1. these are both great pieces, your lettering is fab. I love the use of stitching too.

  2. Hi Trish, mathematical genius that you are (chuckle :))! I like the colours you've used, really pretty and fresh, the stitching is a great embellishment. I like your lettering too - don't forget that practice definitely helps. No stress, the cards look really great! Have a great weekend, xx

  3. Hi Trish really like what you have created. Both are very good love the hearts great colours xxx

  4. Fabulous pieces. Lovely colours and great your lettering.

  5. Great colours. Good job with the letters.


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