Thursday, 29 October 2009

ArtsyCrafts Weekend

Last weekend I attended the ArtsyCrafts weekend with LB Crafts and PaperArtsy, and it was fantastic! Lin and Leandra created a wonderful experience, great fun, and we learnt so much. The weekend was packed with ideas and techniques. The theme for the weekend was "time", so each project relates to time.

First up is the clock. This was the main project and rather daunting to start with! Step by step we learnt how to create each part, and the end result is rather spectacular (well I think so anyway). This is going up on the wall.

Next we made a "winged thing", learning a new way with UTEE (and my first play with grungepaper)

Then a mini book with mad birds

Finally we made a time box


  1. Wow!
    Trish these are amazing!
    Looks like you had the best time!
    kim x

  2. Its so much fun seeing everyones makes from the 2 week-ends such stunning work. Your makes here are wonderful and the colours are eye popping

  3. wow!! Love all of these creations! dont know where to start, they are all totally stunning!

  4. Your projects all look fabulous Trish ... you must have been totally chuffed with yourself.

    Thank you sooooo much for commenting on the DT blog too X

  5. Wow,Trish, this is stunning, What a lot of hard work but just look at the gorgeous results. I'm very envious, it looks like it was great fun!
    Love Jen

  6. Lucky you !! looks like you had a blast!!! Love them all!

  7. wow, you must have had a fantastic time What great great colours and crafts. You sure were busy


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